Link 31 May FREEwilliamsburg » The Best Places To Drink Outside In Williamsburg»

Link 22 May 5 notes Smorgasburg Debuts Saturday On The Williamsburg Waterfront»

image via NY Times

via Brooklyn Flea:

Starting May 21, we’re launching an all-food bonanza called “Smorgasburg”—every Saturday at the new Williamsburg site from 9am to 5pm….

Link 20 May 5 notes Self-Proclaimed Hipster Sets up “Hipster Church” in New York’s Least Hip Neighborhood»

Hipster ChurchListen all you godless heathens, your gig is up. Reverand Gage Jung, has gone and set up a church for you. A hip church. Where they hand out Hipster Church wristbands on the street, read…

Link 19 May Skeletons release new video clip “More Than the One Thing”»

Check out Skeletons‘ new music video below. The band just recently released their new albumPeople“.

Link 17 May 1 note Metropolitan Ave. Bagelsmith Location Opens!»

Bagel lovers: rejoice! Bagelsmith has opened a Lorimer Street/Metropolitan Avenue location of their popular shop which offers a large variety of bagels, spreads, sandwich meats, and…

Link 16 May Woodkid – Iron»

Best video of the year so far?

Woodkid – Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

What a breath of fresh air after drowning in a avalanche of found footage music videos. Not a bad jam either.

Link 14 May CRISIS IN WILLIAMSBURG: Has Something Happened to Mexicue?»

TACOSRecently we’ve heard reports that beloved supplier of Mexican-BBQ tacos and sliders (and that amazing Green Chili Mac & Cheese, mmmm) service, Mexicue, is unreachable. Their Seamless…

Link 13 May For the nine-millionth time, stop blaming “Hipsters” for the census.»

Metro: Blame Hipsters for NYSigh. It happened again. After City Councilwoman Diana Reyna stated that “‘hipsters’ may be part of the cause” for the New York City’s inaccurate census results, the media went wild,…

Link 11 May Crazy Naked Racist Dude Gets Crazy Naked And Racist On Subway»

This just reinforces why I don’t trust anyone who wears boxer shorts. Definitely NSFW:

Link 10 May Ticket Giveaway: Princeton at Glasslands Tomorrow Night»

Named after the Santa Monica street where they grew up, Los Angeles boys Princeton are currently on tour supporting CSS and Sleigh Bells with their retro-inspired shoegaze. Founding…

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